Sunday, June 30, 2013

Technology 2020

Technology is evolving at a very high speed. Keeping this in mind an attempt is made to visualize how technology would look like after a decade. Current era is dominated by smart phones with touch based devices on the hype. Soon this technology will be taken to an entire new level…!!!
Probably the heart of technology 2020 would consist of:

Virtual Wall: A wall which physically does not exist but allows writing, drawing and expressing your thoughts by using your hands. This can be the future of our class rooms with desks and boards getting replaced by these walls.

Cloud Classrooms: After a decade there will be no need to physically be present in school but still feel like you are a part of the class and teacher is just in front of you. It will also enable you to interact with them physically.

No More Projectors: No more tasks of projector settings, as your device whether a Smart Phone or a PDA will have sensors which can convert a plain desk into a screen and the display will be replicated on the Desk.

4 way mobile computing: You will be able to share displays of your smart phones or tabs and extend them on a surface as well as show and change immaculate results with graphics by interacting with them on the surface without physically contacting the mobile.

Surface display: With all features listed above we can say that entire future will have a surface which does not exists but can be created and re-created as and when needed with the feature of human interaction and making changes as and when needed. Even your coffee mug can be your surface to display your data.

Digital Media: - Unlike today where we go online to read news or subscribe to websites or download and application for the same, the future will just ask you for one device that will have everything on the go, no more subscription, you will get news on the device everyday and scroll to past days and when you are done with reading you can just fold it as you do it with regular Newspaper or magazine.

One Remote with Multiple Controls: Currently a digital remote just gives you details about the current device but the future will allow controlling multiple devices and displaying the details of them. It will also scan the details and share it with any surface you want, any device you want.

Finally we can say that this will be the era of LIVE technology where gestures, emotions, thoughts all can be expressed at one go. 

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