Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dairy Automation - Automate from Cow to Customer

Dairy Automation is a ‘fast emerging and evolving’ cost-effective technology based solution for the Dairy industries. It is an excellent combination of multiple high-end technologies.
Challenges overcome to Achieve Dairy Automation:
   Milk Segregation on the basis of quality
   Work Flow of the Dairy Industry
   Compatibility & Scalability
   To keep a track of data from various processes

Milk Analyzers:

Milk Collection Systems:

RFID Solution:

Solution provided by Panache enables the details of milk vendors and their transaction to be updated using smart cards provided to every vendor. This ensures security and accuracy.

Quality Check Solution:

Quality Check Solution by Panache includes systematic process from Milk Collection to Milk Segregation.

The determination of the milk quality is done with the help of Milkoscan and Lactoscan connected to a centre terminal. This Terminal can be an All in One PC or a Thin Client.

Quality of milk:

Bar Coding Solution:

After the product is tested for quality, it is packaged and barcodes are applied.
Benefits of Bar coding:
        Reduces the number of data entry errors
        Time saving
        Increased efficiency
        Product tracking

Milk Tanker Security System:

The Milk Tanker Security System provided by Panache tracks the location of theft and tempering activity along with Continuous monitoring of milk tanker while it is in transit so that one can monitor the route followed by milk tanker. It helps in accurate planning of product manufacturing, prevent adulteration in milk and hence maintain milk quality.

Report Generation:

Another feature of the Dairy Automation Solution provided by Panache is the Report Generation. Data is collected and reports are generated from all the different processes.
On the basis of this data various conclusions and predictions can be made.

Why Automate?
  • Minimization of waste and energy Consumption
  • Increased processing efficiency
  • Increased overall profitability
  • Receive better returns on investment
  • Reduce Manual work

Automation is one of the keys to boost the overall performance and productivity of the Dairy Industry.

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