Sunday, September 29, 2013

E-HEALTH CARE - A unified healthcare kiosk

E-Health Care solution by Panache, is a unified Health Care Kiosk and aids the Health Care centers in reaching and helping the population that is unable to receive basic health services due to various reasons like unavailability of doctor, unawareness about different health related issues etc.

E- Health Care is most suitable where the Health Care centers are not reachable and the basic health knowledge is lacking.

RFID Solution in E-Health

E- Health Care Kiosks:
•   Offers basic health services from a nurse.
•   Give information regarding various diseases.
•   Give preventive advices.
•   Conduct basic tests.
•   Allow storage and Printing of reports for later evaluation by doctors.
•   Compare previous reports from database with the latest.
•   Evaluate symptoms to identify the possible illness.

The basic tests carried out are:

  •   Body temperature
  •   Pulse rate
  •    Blood pressure
  •     Blood sugar
  •    Urine test
  •    Blood-DC
  •  ECG

Additional tests are also carried out to identify diseases like Tuberculosis and malaria.


Why E- Health care?
5 reasons why one should opt for Panache's E-Health care solution:
  • Cost effective- affordable for people belonging to any class.
  • Educate the masses about various illnesses and thus help in prevention.
  • To reach the groups at risk earlier and avoid fatal conditions due to late detection.
  • Accurate
  • User Friendly


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  2. The impact of technology on the health care industry is immense. E healthcare is the fastest growing sector in healthcare industry. According to the report, mobile phone is the major contributor (with various apps extending a helping hand to patients at home). The radical changes in telecommunication industry has made e healthcare solutions convenient in smaller cities too.