Friday, October 25, 2013

Petroleum Automation - A new path to success.

Automation in Petroleum, a wide Energy Sector, comprehends the interests of multiple stakeholders, suppliers, retailers as well as consumers.

Petroleum automation solution by Panache enables:
  • Right quality.
  • Quantify tracking.
  • Centralized system monitoring.
  • Operational efficiency.
  • Improve profitability.
  • Payment Module Integration.

Upstream and Downstream Automation:

Vardhaman offers Oilfield monitoring and optimization systems that ensure real-time data management and end-to-end integration of heterogeneous systems at reservoir and well levels.
Proposed Petroleum Automation Solution also delivers:
  • Real-time systems for pipeline management.
  • Gas Commercial Dispatching systems.
  • Refinery Input/output Logistics.

Station Automation System:

Vardhaman provides solutions for monitoring, control and management of Gas Station with the following:
  •   Forecourt Controller- To monitor and control forecourt activities.
  •   Outdoor Payment Terminals- To provide various payment methods.
  •   Tank Level Gauges- To provide measurement of product and water level, temperature and volume re-conciliation.
  •   Back Office System- To provide management and configuration of gas station.

   Why Petroleum Automation?

  Petroleum Automation by Panache
  •  Reduces manual work an human error.
  •  Increases transaction efficiency and speed.
  •  Gives better inventory management which enables real-time stock monitoring.
  •  Reduced stock losses.
  •  Improve market share through effective fuel price management and targeted consumer campaigns.

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