Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Digital Home

Home, without any second thought, is a place where the heart resides. Home, irrespective of what kind of and where it is (e.g. apartment in Manhattan, a Tudor in London or a penthouse in Hong Kong), is the only place where one finds comfort and peace. Home is a place to rest and nest, to spend time with friends and family, to escape the pinball game of work, and to be entertained by more engaging games, from TV's popular "Survivor" series to the best selling PC-based diversions such as Halo 3. The digital home is a rapidly evolving reality all around us. Our day-to-day life includes a wide variety of home devices that are digital—everything from PC's to laptops to smart phones and MP3 players. This list continues to grow as new digital devices and technologies for home and mobile use make their way into the market. Life without digital devices is unimaginable.

Thus, we have devised a solution that is based on Intel's latest desktop board D33217CK combined with the Windows 8 Operating System.

The technology era, in which we live, compromising between performance, profile, and price is not an option. The D33217CK is a tiny 4"×4"×1.5" computing device with the power of the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i3 processor. Its low power consumption enables innovative system designs and energy-efficient applications in places like digital signage, home entertainment, and portable usage. It features HDMI 1.4A supporting 8 Channel Digital Audio, 10 GB/s bi-directional and dual protocol for data and display, High Speed m-SATA Device for Storage and an option wireless connectivity. In addition, the wireless device has a capability of driving an additional wireless display. And Guess what!!! The Feature rich device consumes only 20 Watts of Power!!

Simply connect your mobile phones, tablets, laptops or digital camera wirelessly to this device and enjoy the experience  of watching movies on a large screen as if you are watching it in a cinema hall.

We are currently setting up an Experience Zone for people who are interested in taking a tour of our Digital Home.

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