Monday, May 20, 2013

Smart Video Wall


Smart  Video Wall

The popularity graph of Video wall has always shown an increasing trend. Part of their appeal is how they inspire imagination. While static signs remind us of the past, video walls tell us that the future is now. Smart Video wall delivers the wow factor, irrespective whether it is for the company looking to forward to conveying a cutting-edge image or for a retailer elevating its brand.

When the conceptualization of the solution started, the main objective was to come out with the most powerful device with compact size which could deliver the best usage experience. That's how the developers came across Intel's latest desktop board D33217GKE which was integrated with the Smart Video Wall.

The days of compromising between performance, profile, and price are long gone. The D33217GKE is a tiny 4"×4"×1.5" computing device with the power of the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i3 processor. Its lower power consumption enables innovative system designs and energy-efficient applications in places like digital signage, home entertainment, and portable uses. It features Dual HDMI 1.4A supporting 8 Channel Digital Audio, a Giga LAN, High Speed m-SATA Device for Storage and an option wireless connectivity. Another feather in the hat is that the Feature rich device consumes only 20 Watts of Power. This is not the end of the features. To top it all, the system has the capability of driving a secondary display using Intel's WIDI, device tracking using Anti-Theft Features, and runs on Windows 8 OS.

Smart Video wall is undoubtedly a revolutionary software with a distributed Visualization System that can display a wide variety of content with unmatched speed, flexibility and functionality in extremely high resolution. It involves a Control Node, A Streamer Node, A Sender Node and Any number of Display Nodes (In a Matrix Format).

Smart video wall systems can be used for work, professionally and also for high quality entertainment.
With Smart Video wall systems, users can manipulate not only normal imagery, but also extremely high resolution images, show and control conventional PC applications on the display wall, and also stream HD movies and video feeds to a unified display surface built from multiple commercial monitors. Content can be saved as environments and restored on demand, grouped into slideshows, or scheduled to appear at a preset time. Our innovative software architecture runs over commodity Ethernet. This eliminates the complexity, cost, footprint, power consumption, and cable clutter associated with legacy server-based video wall systems.


Smart Video wall is a display-wall solution that meets the needs of multiple market segments including:
  • Command and control centers
  • Medical imaging
  • Digital signage
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Scientific imaging
  • Public safety
  • Military
  • Fleet management
  • Manufacturing control systems

Smart Video wall can show various types of information including:
  • Large images, a gigabyte in size or even larger
  • Many ordinary images
  • Movie files
  • Live streaming data from a computer
  • Live streaming data from a peripheral device such as a video camera

You can resize and reposition all of these data types anywhere on the wall at any time, as easily as moving and resizing the windows on an ordinary personal computer desktop. It is also possible to arrange monitors into multiple walls or have “satellite” monitors that can all be controlled through the same control station.

We are currently setting up an Experience Zone for people who are interested into taking a tour of our Inhouse Control Center.

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