Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Windows Embedded OS

We often encounter situations in our day to day life where we possess things, which have absolutely no usage or requirement. This situation is reflected in the case of Operating Systems that we use in our smart devices. We have features, applications etc on our smart devices which are insignificant to us or to our work. All they do is occupy unnecessary memory in the devices and in many cases causes us additional cost.

Wish to avoid the cost and save up on memory, resources and also turnaround time? Well, now there is a perfect solution to this problem- Windows embedded operating systems.

Windows embedded operating system extends the power of windows operating system along with expeditiously reducing the memory consumption, cost and the resource usage.

Depending on the purpose served by the device, the windows operating system can be customized, i.e., only the required features and applications are installed. In other words, windows embedded operating system can also be termed as ‘light weight operating system’. The different versions of windows embedded operating systems include:
  • Windows embedded Standard 2007
  • Windows embedded Standard 2009
  • Windows embedded POS Ready 2009
  • Windows embedded 7
  • Windows embedded 8

The use of embedded operating system is not limited to just computers. Various devices on which windows embedded operating system can be installed are:
  • Thin client: The use of embedded windows operating system in thin client will eliminate the need to connect remotely.
  • Digital signage: This device is typically employed for the playback and also distribution of the digital content on network of displays. With the integration of windows embedded operating system, there is no need to compromise on the quality of display. Windows embedded operating system has enabled the digital signage to be small enough that it can be mounted on a wall too.
  • Point of Sale (POS): ‘Point of sale’ generally refers to the hardware and software used for checkouts – the equivalent of an electronic cash register. It is used widely in places like supermarkets, restaurants, hotels etc. Windows embedded operating system for POS bears the updated and advanced facilities.
Some of the various features of windows embedded operating systems are:

  • Windows embedded OS has all the device management functionalities.
  • Uncompromised security is another important feature. Along with compatibility with the existing system and customization through a worldwide network, the advance security (e.g. lockdown feature) implanted in windows embedded operating systems ensures that the probability of system failure or system being corrupt is negligible.
  • Reduced turnaround time is an important benefit especially for the applications and devices where the turnaround time plays a critical role.

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