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Small Form Factor

Good equipment is a small bulk - Small form factor

Just as the title reads, small form factors are big things (functions, feature etc.) in small packages (casing). A small form factor is ideally a ‘minimized’ interpretation of a desktop computer. Traditional desktop PCs have always had the drawback of ‘occupying large space’ along with ‘being least portable’. To eliminate these drawbacks small form factors are designed in such a way that they occupy less space and provide maximum functionality.
Below are the advantages of Small Form Factor over traditional PCs.

  •     Physical dimensions: Dimension wise the small form factor is undoubtedly much smaller and compact than the traditional PC.
  •      Weight and portability: Being compact, the small form factor is light weighted and is easier to carry i.e. it is portable.
  •     Temperature and noise: The issue of temperature and noise is pretty same in small form factor as that in any traditional PC. However, with proper interior management, these issues can be handled.
  •     Lanning: Want to attend a game party? But difficult to carry the PC? Well small form factor can be easily carried and is also very easy to Lan.

Small form factor is very useful and suitable for places where ‘real estate’ or ‘space’ is a critical issue. But even when real estate is not an important factor it is wise to use small form factor as it not only frees up space which can be utilized for other purposes like a larger monitor (better and enhanced display/visual experience), but also looks great and adds grace to the d├ęcor of its surrounding.
Some of the Small form factor types are:
  • Cubic: many of the small form factors are cubic in shape and the motherboard rests flat against the base of the case.
  • Nettops: Nettops are also known as bookshelf units as they are compact enough to fit in a bookshelf.
  • Computer on module (COM): In such small form factor the entire computer is built on a single circuit board.

Thus as a buyer, depending on various factors like the usability, space available etc, you can select from a wide range of Small Form Factor PCs.

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